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The Asian style of writing fonts is comparable to graceful dance. It has every intricate letter full of deep meaning. The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have long been known for their restraint.

The secret is that all the emotions and feelings they put into the letter. Chinese and Japanese fonts characterized by their incredible complexity. Sometimes the hieroglyph alone contains the whole sentence. Asian writing has a wide variety of styles.
Here is an example of several unusual fonts:
HIROSHIMA Original block letters looks like the battle of the samurai. It is used for inscriptions in Japaneese style.

SOCHAM Gentle style of writing reminds handwritten female creative art. Artists use this font for captions on romantic content images or logos.

HAH SEM Chopped inscriptions in the style of HAH SEM resemble free spirited dragons.

ALMOST JAPANESE This cool font is one species that evokes associations with a unique Asian culture.

Suitable for the embodiment of design works in Japanese or Chinese style. The page is constantly updated with the best fonts. For personal use you can download Asian style fonts for free!