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Braille font free download
Braille Fonts The method of typing sounds with dots was invented by the Frenchman Louis Braille in the nineteenth century.

Originally the font was intended for the French army. However, the method did not catch on, as it seemed too inconvenient and difficult to apply. However, the inventor did not abandon his creation, but improved it, replacing the sounds for the letters of the alphabet.

Since then unusual Braille designed for the blind as well and as visually impaired people. The main idea of this style of writing is that ordinary letters are encrypted in relief points, lined up in a certain order. The blind man runs his fingers over the letter, thus “reading” the text. I must say that for this difficult lesson requires some preparation.

At first this letter is read from right to left. And the next page should read the opposite: left and right rightwards. Each combination of points has its own special meaning.

Despite the difficulties that at first may occur when reading, Braille has many advantages:

access to information through books and Newspapers
opportunity to get an education and a job
communication with other people
improve self-esteem and more

Thus, Braille allows blind people to fully participate in life societies. For personal use, you can download different fonts for free