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Font Advice and collections

Every experienced designer knows how unimaginable and complex the world of fonts is. Especially important is correct selection of the font style when writing advertising texts. The artist guided by many criteria when choosing the right font : including the unity of style, imaginative design and hope to attract new potential customers. Scientists have found that content text, and also the font directly affects the mood and emotions of a person. Here is an example of the main categories of different fonts that can have a serious impact influence on people’s minds:

Sans serif

Such fonts are used by most companies because of the convenience and ease of reading. However, this font is not suitable for creating an original product and cannot satisfy the desire to stand out from the General mass of sellers.

Square, business font

This style of writing is perfect for attracting serious minded people and business partners. Square font is used to advertise industrial products, writing social texts, etc.

Light handwritten font

Handwritten font is not suitable for street posters. Such inscriptions are sometimes difficult to read with first time. However, the ornate font is widely used on logos and business cards of many companies that seek to emphasize their exclusivity and originality. Perhaps, one of the main and invariable rule is ensuring readability of the text. Without compliance with this point, all attempts to create high-quality advertising will not give the desired result’s. For personal use you can download the best fonts on our website absolutely for free and without registration!