Mission Script

     Family – Calligraphy

     Mission Script is tall in x-height, and a very slight in tilt. These are benefits. The ample lowercase allows this script to be read at smaller display sizes and greater distances than others in this genre. Was created by James T. Edmondson, independent type designer and freelance lettering artist, based in San Francisco, California in 2012. The font comes with a modestly useful amount of alternates for adding variety of shape to any line of text. After all, Mission Script is for display typography. You should be using it as accent, not for long paragraphs, and not at small sizes. Mission Script offers a few ligatures to provide a little bounce and vibrancy when setting words with doubled up letters. Another feature is the connecting stroked are left off of letters like b,o, and p when they fall at the end of the word. Both of those features are automatically executed with OpenType, and work in Adobe CS applications. Mission Script was selected as one of Typographica’s Typefaces of 2012. Condensed, casual, sweet, and sincere… You will love it!

Download Mission Script font (typeface) Download Mission Script font (typeface)

Font Mission Script

Font Mission Script Font Mission Script