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      Enjoy font with funny cute name! The playfulness of the Foco font family’s design details belie its serious quality.  Designed in 2007 by Dalton Maag, Foco can be equally well employed in the toughest of corporate identities, or to entice in advertisements. Dalton Maag was founded in 1992 by Swiss type designer Bruno Maag. The foundry has worked with leading branding and design agencies, as well as clients like Nokia, Intel, HP, BMW, Samsung, Toyota, Petrobras, Sparkasse, Puma, Burberry, and McDonalds. “Recognizing the individuality of our clients is at the core of what we do,” they say. But let’s back to Foco. While the playful details shine through in titling or display sizes, the font family’s primary task, functionality, is clearly demonstrated at text sizes. The distinctive and open character shapes ensure the highest legibility. Foco is best applied where high visibility and recognition are demanded, yet with careful use it can support quiet communication with a subtle and sympathetic voice. So as you see, it’s truly deserves be on your creation. Go!

Download Foco font (typeface)
Download Foco font (typeface)

Font Foco