Download Billabong font (typeface)

The Billabong font is a typeface inspired by the hand-lettered typography often found on surfboards. It is a bold and playful font that features thick brush strokes and a casual, relaxed feel. The Billabong font is often used in branding and design projects related to surfing, beach lifestyle, or other outdoor activities. It can be downloaded and purchased from various online font marketplaces.


Billabong font is a striking, script font with a hand-drawn block effect and a brush look. It was created in 2006 by a remarkable graphic designer named Russell Bean by Type Associates. Popular from some years ago, it is currently getting a lot of popularity to say the least due to its appealing recall. The typeface’s mechanism is based on normal type and swashes, therefore, it is an extremely promising font for designers working with logos and other graphic designs.

This font family has been developed with careful craftsmanship and appreciation in the 1940s and ’50s script lettering that’s often seen in signage. Because these qualities make this font family a preferred choice for many social media sites and logos, a professional social media platform named Instagram also used it for its logo. This typeface has stayed much the same as others, and hence it is a excellent selection for huge design applications, such as printing jobs, displays, greeting cards, brands, stationeries, and any kind or size of writing.