80s Fonts – 5 fonts from Retro

  • 14.02.2024

The 1980s were a time of bold expression in music, art, fashion, and design. People embraced color and form, and the decade was known for its eclectic and unique style.

Designers often use the 80s as inspiration for their work, incorporating elements such as neon colors, big hair, and geometric shapes. Some designers go all out with their 80s-inspired designs, while others use more subtle touches to create a retro feel.

If you’re looking for fonts that capture the spirit of the 80s, here are a few options:

Neon 80s Font

Neon 80s Font

This font is perfect for creating eye-catching headlines and logos. It features bright, neon colors and a bold, geometric design.

Railway Retro

Railway Retro

This font has a more playful, retro feel. It features rounded edges and a slightly distressed look.

Octuple Max

Download Octuple Max font (typeface)

This font is inspired by the music and aesthetics of the synthwave genre. It features sharp angles and a futuristic look.


Download Fascinate font (typeface)

A font that reflects everything 8o talked about: loud and stunning. When used in design, this is ideal if you want something that will immediately attract the attention of the audience.

Outrunner 80’s

Download Outrunner 80's font (typeface)

This font is a font that oozes disco vibes. It’s bright, bold, and full of character, just like the disco era itself. People who lived through the 1980s will feel a wave of nostalgia when they see this font, as it perfectly captures the spirit of that time.

No matter what your design vision is, there’s an 80s-inspired font out there that can help you achieve it.