15 New Fun fonts

  • 14.02.2024

Funny fonts can be used for various purposes, it can be decorations, book covers, advertising posters for cinemas or even other design projects. Also, sometimes these fonts are used by advertising agencies. Funny fonts can be used in both digital and print design and are mainly useful for logos, headlines and attractive text.

These fonts are also considered children’s fonts. They can be used to design children’s books, logos for children’s toys or goods for children.

Today we have collected more than 15 funny fonts for any ridiculous design project. Let’s enjoy!

Honey and Friends Font

Download Honey and Friends Font font (typeface)

Parga | Whimsical Varsity Style Font

Download Parga | Whimsical Varsity Style Font font (typeface)

Sponge Bob Font Wide

Sponge Bob Font Wide

Spongeboy kontra Dusiciel Font

Download Spongeboy kontra Dusiciel Font font (typeface)

Bubble Mint Font

Download Bubble Mint Font font (typeface)

Lovely Madness Font

Lovely Madness Font